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1 Stars - 1 Review
Infested with rats!!
February 14, 2020
If I could I would give this facility no stars. I've been a loyal customer and I'm paying a great deal of money to keep my personal effects. This place is infested with rats! All of my furniture got chewed up and infested! I spoke to the manager and he who was really rude and said there was nothing he could do about it because I didn't buy insurance. I understand what insurance covers, but it is the facilities responsibility to make sure there is no rodent infestation. I would not recommend this facility to anyone.
Reply from Manager on February 14, 2020
Our facilities do everything to prevent rodents by ensuring each unit has rodent bait located inside and also we have a company who maintains traps outside of all the buildings. We however can't guarantee that there are no rodents but feel we are doing our part to prevent them in our facilities. We can't control if rodents are brought into buildings from individuals belongings and this is why we choose to bait each individual unit as well as having traps outside the buildings.
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