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Climate control, drive-up access, and vehicle storage
The Storage Depot 1520 SW 3rd St. Corvallis, OR 97333 (541) 393-8372
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Anonymous 08/16/19
Recommend: Yes
Helpful staff, carts provided if you're in an upper-level storage unit, nice clean place, only "downside" is you can't use a combination lock but also understandable because those are easily broken into anyways. overall good expirience.

Theodore F Zuschlag 06/19/19
Recommend: No
buggy web site
many annoying bugs on web site. 1) Initially home window was too large for my browser window. 2) Credentials boxes do not work well with LastPass manager. Conform more. 3) Menus from home screen present options which are not activated. E,g, setup auto-payment Bottom line-- It is time to clean up these bugs... more so that your automatic software, does trigger late fees. In return for late fees, I expect a web site that is WYSIWYG or cleanly functional.

Anonymous 05/22/19
Recommend: Yes
I recently rented a unit at the Corvallis Storage Depot. I was helped by an employee named Haley. She was great! She was friendly and personable while also being professional and knowledgeable. I really appreciate the excellent customer service she game me. She is a wonderful representative of Storage Depot.

Mark Kossow 12/11/18
Recommend: No
Will never use this place again
In the past we were refunded money if we moved out after we paid. Not now. For one day we will pay a full month rent. Used them several times in the past. Never again. We know a lot of people in the area and they will all know it. We had two lockers. Moving out of the second one now. We'll lose around $200 because they don't care about customer satisfaction.

Sue 07/29/18
Recommend: No
Why Have a Phone
I tried calling the place several times and no one ever answered, always went to voicemail. I finally left a message but no one returned the call. I guess they must think they don't need my business; well they can count on not getting my recommendation either.

Ryan and family 04/10/18
Recommend: No
Really rude managers april 2018
Worst customer service in town. The current managers need replacing as soon as possible if they want to keep anyone's business. The man is extremely rude and the woman can be nice if you catch her on the right day, but even then its a half-a** effort at being nice. Oh and if they owe you money you can forget about it, it's like pulling teeth. I hate the new hours too. Please go back to the way things were when I started renting from this place 2 years ago. Until then, I will not recommend this place to anyone.

Anonymous 01/04/18
Recommend: Yes
The storage facility is good, but the online account is worthless. It seldom works like it should, and there is none to contact about the problems.

Teresa Buchanan 10/12/17
Recommend: Yes
The Best!
What a great storage facility. It is well maintained and has a friendly staff who are there to help.

Anonymous 06/05/17
Recommend: Yes
Not great first impression
Their units may be nice but they were rude over the phone and only answered in one word sentences. If there are no units available thats good business for you, but there are other non-peak seasons of storage (anytime but summer) and sure as heck not thinking of you guys during then.
Manager Response on June 5, 2017:
Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry for the negative experience you had with our staff. We will make sure to talk with all our staff at this facility as well as our other facilities to ensure this will not happen again.

Bruce Brown 12/05/16
Recommend: No
No reply, 3 tries
I tried to contact Storage Depot Corvallis three time. Twice by email through the "contact us" link on the website and once by phone. There was no reply to any of these attempts. We found another place to store my son's motorcycle during the Christmas break from OSU. Too bad. We had a good experience with them last summer when we stored his stuff during the summer break.

Anonymous 05/12/16
Recommend: No
Ridiculous rental policy - rip off
Corvallis is touted as the perfect college town but this storage facility has a ridiculous rental policy. Per Corvallis employee rental reservations are only good for seven days so if you need a unit you have to either gamble that one will be available or pay rent from date of inquiry. What a ripoff! Beware and rent elsewhere. Rigid rental policy is ridiculous. This is not a place for student summer storage, period.

Livia Amidon 05/05/16
Recommend: Yes
Great Service
We needed storage for our son (student at OSU) and Jeff and Susanne were great! The process was easy, the units are secure, clean and staff was helpful. We are out of state so to have this kind of service for my son was very much appreciated. I would recommend this place to parents and students of OSU. Thank you Jeff and Susanne and see you next year!

Anonymous 04/22/16
Recommend: Yes
Great customer service, easy access
I'm surprised by the negative reviews. I've rented here before and thought the office staff was very helpful. They were also very proactive in getting a check out my way when I ended up rental earlier than expected. I was impressed, and am renting from them again this summer. Facility itself is also really nice, very easy to access.

Anonymous 04/03/16
Recommend: No
Website is Difficult to Use
The website is very difficult to use to log in and make payments. It never accepts my username and password the first time logging in. Constant errors and "time outs" when logging in. Very poor support and I can never get a hold of anyone.

Anonymous 09/16/15
Recommend: No
good service
I called just to get more info. Rep was extremely polite and willing to give me details. Appreciate that she did not 'push' a decision.

Daniel 08/05/15
Recommend: Yes
Several years of service - no problems
They were clear and friendly when we signed up and we have not had a negative experience once with them.

Dylan M. Schwartz 07/15/15
Recommend: Yes
Security, courtesy, serenity
I had a great conversation with the managers when I signed up, and all the details of how the place operates were clearly explained to me. I also got correct and accurate answers to all of my questions. in the six months I've had my unit since then, I have been nothing but happy with my service. you may of gotten some bad reviews from whiny college students with no experience with other storage units and enormous expectations about how long a unit can be held on their behalf, But I'm actually really happy with my service. I'm at my unit at least five times a week for my business, and throughout all those interactions I have had absolutely nothing to warrant a complaint.

Anonymous 05/30/15
Recommend: Yes
No one answers or get a call back
I have been calling all day today but cannot get through. Left a message for existing customer number as this is the only one I got through but no return the call. Same as the other review, I called in mid may for reservation in Mid June they said no and I have to only call 7 days in advance. So there has to be some issue here either with the rule or the training. But never got a call back. This place is not well managed.

Anonymous 05/12/15
Recommend: Yes
Bad Customer Service
Sassy sassy sassy! I just called to make reservations for mid June, as i was told earlier when I inquired, to call back mid May to make my reservations. The lady said that the earliest I could make reservations would be 1 week prior; maybe 2 weeks. Explained to her what I was told when I called last month (to call mid May) and she said nope, the earliest you can schedule is 2 weeks, and if you reserve now, you'll be charged from May. I told her that I don't need it until mid June but she didn't seem to care. Looking for storage elsewhere.
Manager Response on May 14, 2015:
Sorry for your negative customer service with our site management. We will use this experience as a training tool with not only this site but also all our other sites. The management should have placed you on an inquiry list and converted it to a reservation when the appropriate wait time for a reservation approached which is 7 days prior to needing the unit. There is no charge for making a reservation and you would not have had to pay for May. I hope you reconsider not using our facility.