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Climate control, drive-up access, and vehicle storage
The Storage Depot 4199 Main Street Sweet Home, OR 97386 (541) 248-2851
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Anonymous 11/22/18
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 11/16/18
Recommend: No
I had rented an RV storage unit from them. When I went to retrieve my vehicle, I told the person in the office I would be taking my RV out. Since it was after the first of the month, I asked about a prorated refund. She assured me one would be forthcoming. After three days I called and asked when I would be receiving my refund. She then told me that since I hadn't given a ten day notice I would not be receiving a refund. That was not mentioned when I rented the unit. I talked to the manager, who was a nice guy, and he told me that was their policy and it was on my copy of the rental agreement. The problem is I didn't receive a copy of the rental agreement. He gave me an email address to send him a letter and he would see what the home office would do. The email address he gave me isn't recognized. Why the office person didn't tell me to wait ten days before I removed my RV to receive even a partial refund is beyond me.

jystina hunter 06/09/17
Recommend: Yes
awesome storage unit!!
the storage depot is awesome!! they have been great, i live in washington and had to from oregon and leave my stuff there. they have been great with a few issues that have come up since im so far away.. i know that my stuff is safe and im not going to lose it. awesome people to work with i would highly recommend them!!